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Java is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle). The development is conducted by a community organized through the Java Community Process, the language and the main technologies that implement it are distributed under the GPL. Trademark rights belong to Oracle Corporation.

Java applications are usually translated into a special bytecode, so they can work on any computer architecture for which there is an implementation of a virtual Java machine. The official release date is May 23, 1995. For 2019, Java is one of the most popular programming languages.

Java programs translate into Java bytecode, executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a program that processes byte code and passes instructions to the equipment as an interpreter.

The advantage of this method of program execution is the complete independence of the bytecode from the operating system and equipment, which allows you to run Java applications on any device for which there is a corresponding virtual machine. Another important feature of Java technology is its flexible security system, in which the execution of the program is fully controlled by the virtual machine. Any operations that exceed the established program permissions (for example, attempting unauthorized access to data or connecting to another computer) cause an immediate interruption.

According to, for seven different tasks, the execution time in Java is on average one and a half to two times longer than for C / C ++, in some cases Java is faster, and in some cases 7 times slower. On the other hand, for most of them, the memory consumption of the Java machine was 10-30 times greater than that of a C / C ++ program. Also noteworthy is a study conducted by Google, according to which there is a significantly lower performance and higher memory consumption in Java test cases compared to similar C ++ programs.

The ideas embodied in the concept and various implementations of the Java virtual machine environment inspired many enthusiasts to expand the list of languages ​​that could be used to create programs executable on the virtual machine. These ideas have also found expression in the specification of the common language infrastructure CLI, which is the foundation of the .NET platform by Microsoft.

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