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Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language focused on improving developer productivity and code readability. The Python core syntax is minimalistic. At the same time, the standard library includes a large amount of useful functions.

Python supports structured, object-oriented, functional, imperative, and aspect-oriented programming. The main architectural features are dynamic typing, automatic memory management, full introspection, exception handling mechanism, support for multi-threaded calculations, high-level data structures. It supports splitting programs into modules, which, in turn, can be combined into packages.

Python is an actively developing programming language, new versions with the addition/change of language properties are released approximately every two and a half years. The language was not subject to official standardization, the role of the de facto standard is played by CPython, developed under the control of the author of the language. Python is currently in third place in the TIOBE ranking with 8.5%. Analysts note that this is the highest score for Python for the entire time of its presence in the ranking.

An undoubted advantage is that the Python interpreter is implemented on almost all platforms and operating systems. The first such language was C, but its data types could take up different amounts of memory on different machines, and this served as some obstacle in writing a truly portable program. Python does not have this disadvantage.

The next important feature is the extensibility of the language, which is of great importance, and, as the author himself writes, the language was conceived precisely as extensible. This means that there is room for improvement of the language by all interested programmers. The interpreter is written in C and the source code is available for any manipulation. If necessary, you can insert it into your program and use it as a built-in shell. Or, by writing your additions to Python in C and compiling the program, you get an "extended" interpreter with new features.

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