Website Development

website design and development

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, predicted at the end of the 20th century that "by 2005, there will be two types of companies in the world — those that do business on the Internet and those that go out of business." Time has confirmed that the prediction is 100% correct. Website development in our time is not a whim, not an expensive analogue of a page on the social network. A corporate Web site is a comprehensive business tool that includes important information, advertising, feedback from your audience, and much more.

Brutka company is pleased to offer you a full range of services for creating turnkey websites, from collecting requirements and expectations, to registering a domain name, choosing the right hosting and putting the site into operation.

Steps for creating a standard site
  • Application
  • Brief
  • Development and content of the site
  • Site Submission
  • You are submitting a site development request
  • Brutka’s manager advises you on our products, conducts a survey
  • Send a brief on the creation of the site

  • A brief is filled out
  • If necessary, we help fill out a brief by clarifying terms and questions
  • A package that suits your needs is selected

  • Selection and coordination of CMS (content management system) is carried out
  • CMS is deployed on the hosting of our company
  • If a site with an individual design was ordered, the designer draws layouts according to your wishes
  • Webmaster typeset the site according to the selected template or drawn design
  • Copywriter writes texts for your site
  • A content manager fills the site with your materials and written texts

Popular CMS
  • A link to the finished site on the test domain is sent
  • You check the site, if you don’t like something or have any wishes, then send comments and corrections
  • We are making changes and getting approval from you
  • We place the site on the main hosting / domain and transfer all accesses
  • The site is ready! You can move on to promotion and advertising!