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Web Applications Development

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web app (PWA) is a technology in web development that adds the capabilities of applications for mobile devices to sites, transforms the site into an application, a hybrid of a site and applications for mobile devices, a product of the joint evolution of a mobile site and the classic native application. In particular, PWAs have these attributes:

  • Installed on users’s smartphones or tablets.
  • Work offline with content caching.
  • Deliver push notifications to users.

Directly from the browser, you can put it on the main screen of the phone, and it will send push notifications and gain access to the hardware of the gadget. And all this even with an unstable connection or offline. PWA applications are installed on the user's smartphone, bypassing official application stores and despite the ban on installing applications from unknown sources.

In the desktop browser, the progressive web app remains a regular site. And when a visitor opens it in a mobile browser, PWA turns into a hybrid site and application.

For users, the benefits are no less significant: it does not occupy a place in the phone’s memory (except for the cache), there is no need to download the application from stores. One of the most important advantages is the lack of an intermediary in the face of the App Store and Google Play. The technology of progressive web applications completely eliminates this unnecessary link.

PWA is used by well-known companies, for example, Uber, Tinder, Twitter and others. Using a progressive application speeds up the loading of sites by an order of magnitude.