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Web Site Development

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft company has predicted once, that "by 2005 in the world there will be two types of the companies, those who does business on the Internet, and those who has left business".

Nowadays e-commerce all over the world becomes more and more popular. Nobody doubts, that for attraction of new clients, advertising of production, sale of the goods the Internet-technologies are simply irreplaceable. And those technologies are also used in realization of image projects or noncommercial projects in all fields of activity.

What exact benefits of having own Web site?

We shall note only a few:

  1. making up positive image of your company;
  2. finding of new business partners;
  3. increase in a sales volume and profit on sales;
  4. decrease in charges on running business;
  5. maintenance of round-the-clock advertising of your production;
  6. possibility to get operative and update information for your clients .

Our company offers you a full spectrum of services on creation a web sites and realizations of projects of any complexity on the basis of the Internet-technologies . We can guarantee high quality at all create stages of the Internet-resource.

Web site development is carried out with keeping in mind specificity of your company. All Web sites on their purpose can be divided into following groups:

You can get familiar with types of sites on page Types of created sites .

Technologies used in Web sites development

The company brutka.com tries to keep up to date and use always the best technologies for Web sites creation for the clients. To name a few:

We shall help you to create a nice presentation in Internet!

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