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Our services

programming Brutka Ltd offers creation the web of sites and custom software development with the subsequent support which includes implementation, consulting services and support of the program, IT personnel trainings and courses.

The program decisions delivered by our company, help you to use all power of modern technologies to get advantages in the modern competitive market.

Custom software development

This service will be useful to those organizations and private persons that cannot use the ready made software because if its inconvenience, complexity, superfluous or insufficient functionality and also when the suitable software simply does not exist.

Web of sites development and design

Development of a site is a universal and cheapest way of creation of positive image of the company. Also, web site for many companies is the irreplaceable tool of business allowing operatively to inform the partners about changes in the prices, operating conditions and helps to find new partners on business. Web site is necessary both for startup company, and for the company, that exists on the market for many years. Influence on image of the company of its web site is equal to influence of office interior or appearance of employees. Many clients can make a decision to cooperate with the company, simply having visited its site.

Promotion of sites

Professionally made site will give much greater result with appropriate advertising support. The company brutka.com make optimization and promotion of a site in search engines for increase in quantity of the interested visitors of your site.

Support a web of a site

Site of any company should be updated constantly as visitors, coming to the site wish to receive the freshest and the useful information. If the information is not updated for the long time it becomes irrelevant and ceases to be of interest for visitors and potential partners. Someone must be engaged in site support in order the site is constantly updated.

Software for mobile platforms

During last years spreading of intellectual mobile devices is equal on intensity only with expansion of the Internet and growth of capacity of processors. Mobile devices, that existed only on pages of fantastic novels some time ago, today actively enter into a life of the organizations and private persons, playing more and more important role as communication facility and access to the information at any time and in any place. With the help of mobile devices managers on selling can get access to financial reports during trips, medical workers can request the case record and other important information from the medical center, and employees of the industrial enterprises can get the data about productivity of the device directly from workshop.
The company brutka.com offers you services on software development any kind: from games and entertaining programs up to advertising rollers and serious mobile business-applications.

IT support and trainings

Qualitative service support is the keystone to success of your information system. For this reason we give the close attention to offer high-quality services of technical support and support of delivered systems.
The certified experts of the company brutka.com are ready to render servises on IT training and courses.