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How Projects Run

The precise organization of process of Web site creating and software development is a strength feature of our company. The basic software development stages and Web site creating stages are presented show below.

Custom software development stages

  1. Predesign preparation.
    Revealing of customer's needs. The analysis of business-processes to be automated is perfomed. The list of the processes which are a subject for automation is made.
  2. Specification of system requirements.
    Technical assignment is made.
  3. Designing, development and testing of the software.
    All jobs on development of the software are performed.
  4. Introduction of system at your enterprise.
    Introduction of system at your enterprise, testing of system in an operating conditions and realization of the necessary completions revealed during pre-production operation.


Development of Web site

  1. Predesign preparation.
    Purpose of this stage is achievement of the initial arrangement with the customer. The basic functions and requirements to a site are discussed, the technical project for development of Web site is made. Terms of performance are estimated, cost and conditions of payment are discussed.
  2. Development of design.
    Designers of our company make a model of the site according to the technical project. At the given stage the model can be changed or added at will of the customer. The given jobs are conducted up to the full approval of design by the customer. After that the system of navigation on a site and pages functions are made.
  3. Processing and preparation of materials.
    This tasks include preparation and the analysis of information to be used on site (texts, photos, figures, etc.)
  4. Development of a site.
    Page makeup and programming is carried out.
  5. Final check and debugging of the site.
    These jobs are carried out together with the customer. The ready site is placed online in Internet.
  6. Promotion and advertising of the site.
    Purpose of promotion of a site is to increase the number of visitors of a site. These jobs include optimization of a site, registration in search catalogues, banner advertising, etc.
  7. Support of a site.
    These periodic jobs are necessary keeping information on the site up to date and for maintenance of a rating and positions in thematic and search catalogues. This tasks may be carried out by employees of our company, so by experts of the customer.