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Outsourcing. Strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a process of software development for your organization by the other company's qualified employees. Nowadays outsourcing in the field of custom software development is the most popular and successful way of creation of the specialized software for your company. It allows the companies to apply the most successful technologies in IT sphere less expensively and quicker.

Advantages of outsourcing to your company

Outsourcing. Strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing

Highly skilled experts

Software development is conducted by highly skilled experts that is one of the basic requirements for the success of any IT project. The specialized on software development companies (such as brutka.com) in the staff have the team of professionals, possessing knowledge and an operational experience in projects on software creation. The skilled command has the significant superiority in efficiency and quality of the created software product.

Attention to the core business

Development of the software, including creation and support of Web site, can lay far outside of competence of IT personnel of your company. Outsourcing allows to transfer jobs on software creation to the foreign organization, allowing to direct internal resources of your company on the decision of the problems connected with the core business of the company.

Flexible management of IT resources

It is obvious, that during process of software development (creation of Web site, support of a site) at different stages different quantities of the workers borrowed by the given project is required. It turns out, that if everything is done by your IT personnel then it leads out to hiring and staff reductions. The specialized company gives you the command which is easy for scaling, that leads to essential increase in the efficiency of each employee borrowed in the project and, thus, to reduce total cost of development.

Reduced costs of the project

Cost of the maintenance of own software development department and-or creation and support of Web site is higher, than use of ready decisions or development to order. Also the maintenance of own department gives you a bunch of new problems concerned with the selection of the personnel and an estimation of their qualification, because the department of the personnel of avareage company has no the professionals capable to carry out this selection.


Another problem that arising at creation of own IT department is that presence of the qualified programmers in staff yet does not guarantee development of the software meeting your needs. By delegating the process of software development to the company specializing on it, you receive professionally executed decision that meets your needs fully.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

The basic problem arising at use of services of the foreign company is the threat of the important information outflow. The decision of this problem is the choise of the executor with worthy reputation, experience in similar job and good responses from partners.